Developing an Addiction Problem

Addiction is not limited to substances such as alcohol, and drugs, it is increasingly possible for people to experience behavioural addictions. Activities such as eating, dieting, sex, pornography, internet browsing, social media, exercising, shopping and hoarding are particularly conducive to addiction because they provide the opportunity for immediate reward. These and other common everyday activities can become addictions when they can no longer be controlled and can impair a person’s ability to function socially, professionally or academically.

How We Can Help

If you are concerned about how your drinking, drug taking or any other addictive behaviour is impacting on your life our counselling service may be able to help you.

Counselling is a safe, confidential therapy which involves talking through your situation and your feelings with someone trained to listen in a non-judgemental way. Counselling offers you the chance to explore the nature of your addiction, inviting you to look at it in the context of your life experiences. Your counsellor will help you examine your life and relationships and will help you find the best method to deal with the impact that your addiction has on your life. Your counsellor will also work with you to help you make positive changes to your life by exploring the behaviours associated with your addiction and support you during the process of change.

The service is offered by a professional team of qualified and BACP, UKCP, or FDAP registered counsellors who specialise in working with addiction problems. Our counsellors are independent and work within a broad range of therapeutic approaches, meaning that they can provide fully confidential counselling uniquely tailored to your needs.

How to Register for Counselling

You can register for the service by contacting us directly by phone or email.

Once we have your contact details one of our counsellors will call you back to arrange an initial assessment session. During the assessment the counsellor will help you to identify if counselling is the best option for you and, if that is the case, discuss a regular schedule of sessions with you.

If you know someone who may benefit from our counselling services, please do recommend apas to them. Please remember that the person you are recommending will need to contact us and arrange an assessment themselves.


Our counselling service is offered independently by our counselling team and relies on our client’s ability to contribute financially towards the cost of their sessions.

We do take into account people’s financial situation and we are prepared to negotiate lower fees, thus allowing those on benefits and low incomes to receive regular short or long term counselling.

The average fee for one session ranges between £20 and £40 depending on your level of income. We also offer a low-cost service at £15-£20 for unwaged clients. A lower fee may also be negotiated for clients who wish to attend more than one session weekly.

Please note that all clients are expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions if less than 48hrs notice is given.